Since 1984, Thomas Industries has excelled in manufacturing precision sheet metal products, catering to the high technology industry’s needs. Specializing in sheet metal fabrication, we offer rapid prototypes, short runs, and quick turn-around products, leveraging the most advanced processes to stay ahead in a competitive market. Additionally, our punch press capabilities are well-suited for your high-volume demands.

We employ the latest in software technology, including Solidworks and Radan, to support our rapid prototyping approach. This commitment ensures we can provide precision metal cutting, metal bending services, and custom metal finishing, meeting the exacting requirements of various industries. Our expertise in industrial fabrication solutions positions Thomas Industries as your ideal partner for sheet metal fabrication needs.

Sheet Metal Materials

Thomas Industries fabricates custom precision sheet metal parts and components using following materials:

  • Cold rolled steel

  • Pickled & oil steel

  • Brass

  • Tubing

  • Stainless Steel

  • Copper

  • Aluminum

  • Spring Steel